Past, present, and future come together here,
between Pantin and Romainville,
just a few steps from Paris.

The history of Paddock

The former postal stables of Paris

The former postal stables of ParisAt the end of the 19th century, the postal stables of Paris were established by what is now number 60 on the Avenue Gaston Roussel, in a working-class, industrial neighborhood of Romainville.

In 1910, Gaston Roussel was appointed veterinarian here, charged with taking care of the horses of the city of Paris that once led omnibuses between Pantin and the Gare du Nord.

He developed the first medication for fighting anemia, tuberculosis, and hemorrhages in these very stables.

And so the ROUSSEL laboratories were born, later becoming the SANOFI-AVENTIS group, a global leader in healthcare today.


A next-generation living space

Striking architecture that combines tradition and modernity

Paddock has taken root in this historic location to find its voice and transform the site into a lively space that draws from both traditional and contemporary architecture.

In the space’s historic section, the entrance building has preserved its original great clock, vast porch, and timber framing. The stables, renovated by Reichen and Robert in homage to Doctor Roussel and his 1300 horses, are now home to the shops of PADDOCK PARIS.

An elegant balance between past and future shines through a modern, visual approach to design.

Like an echo or reflection of the old structures and their original shapes, brick, metal, and vegetation now intertwine to bring this masterfully designed new space to life.

Striking architecture that combines tradition and modernity

The Clock Tower

A next-generation living space